Backup/Restore (4)

Tutorial on how to take a backup, Restore backup.

cPanel - Control Panel (12)

How to reset cPanel Password, Filemanager, Cronjobs, Style, etc

Databases (5)

About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database or Database Username in cPanel

DNS - Nameserver (6)

Update Domain Nameserver on, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar

Domain Management (11)

How to Add, Transfer, Remove, Edit Addon Domain, Parked Domains & Redirect Domain

Email (6)

Create email accounts, access email, add to mobile device, auto responders, forwarders and more.

FTP (4)

How to Create, Delete, Manage cPanel FTP Account

How To Leave GoDaddy (2)

How to transfer domain names, hosting & other services from GoDaddy.

Mail Filters & SPAM (8)

Boxtrap, SpamAssassin, Mail Filter - Prevent Spam.

Others (3)

How to Fix Errors, Create Friendly URL, Page Redirect, etc

Security (7)

Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection, etc

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